Mannanan​(​A fabled Legend)




This album brings to life the epilogue of Mannanan The God who gaurds the star gates between life n death .......his domain is an apple orchid camouflaged by a cloak of invisibility close to the isle of man......created by the Legendary Spacebandits ( RadioRay ) ( Ian Gray )

We thrive off your support
and with no record contract yet
we thankyou from the bottom of our hearts

We shall continue !

Yay Dioyay ...........


released December 17, 2012

Sutton / Gray



all rights reserved



If you like SciFi SpaceRock ....Your goina Love this......
(RadioRay / Ian Gray)
A Thundering Welcome to you all !!!
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Track Name: Mannanan parts 1 to 4

Its written in the scriptures of the seal of the silver sun
The Mananan of another world fortold and once again will come
A trickster to the conscience . A deity ,lord of the sea
In stealth a cloak of magic made from fog that grants invisibility
Fragarach his sword can cut a diamond clean with ease
His head a flaming helmet and his home beyond the apple trees

Gaurdian of stargates that pass the souls to otherworlds
in death halfway way from heaven in life his legend is unfurrled
A lover like no other, father to the kin of deirdre
his couldron of regeneration grants him longevity
his chariot a horse whose hooves can travell him on land and sea


part 2.....................................

Within the silver stargate where the particles of life regenerate
transpose the human essence and deliver us before our fate
light atomic multiverses carry us beyond our time
and depending on the intake, the out take will sublime

Some may call this heaven or the place where all our gods exist
in quantum physistry a secret of the alchemists
a portal by another name a gate to legend lies within
no man shall enter no man would dare go in

Spirits in their panic ascending try to find their way
across the universe and wander yonder far they play
towards infinnity a silver star doth light the day
like moths toward a candle they burn n some may turn away

Written by RadioRay 2012

RadioRay, plays electric rythm guitar and leed guitar
Synths,drum programming,Vocals,Lyrics,Bass guitar,Artwork,..research and concept

Ian, plays rythm guitar,Synths