Judgement Day ( 8 incredible tracks )




Judgement Day by SpaceBandits is a SpaceRocking Science Fiction fact Album and is part 2 of the now legendary sell out extravagant " Mighty chuggernaut " album

all 8 trax will be downloaded including bonus material and artwork

Judgement Day

01) We"re watching you
02) The Angel from Starworld
03) The mighty lord of winter
04) Chaos in chains
05) The Wizard
06) Spaceface (music amana)
07) The Earth dies screaming
08) Judgement day


released March 14, 2011




all rights reserved



If you like SciFi SpaceRock ....Your goina Love this......
(RadioRay / Ian Gray)
A Thundering Welcome to you all !!!
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Track Name: Were Watching You
Were Watching you !!!

flyin around like nothin realy matters
just flyin around cos no one really cares
We're watching you from afar ..........
floatin through space with a glass bowl on my head again
oxygen is fine and i can breathe
and weave my web of thoughts like an astronauts
flying around like nothing really matters
we're watching you from a star........
spaceship crashing down upon the mountain people came to see us like a zoo
we hid ourselves away forever
underground and all because of you
were watching you we know who you are ....

set the controls back up we gotta get home now
fix this energy and fly from here
and make our way across the vacuum
we don't like the way things are down here......

nature blooms then in comes corporate business
concrete slabs and buildings everywhere
the children sing but soon they learn to murder
just flyin around cos no one really cares
and slavery they work for better buildings
holidays to get away like me
ruled by fools who live so suicidal
blinded by their aristocracy

i believe that life on earth is dying
twisted by the greedy power mites
and all i see are helpless people crying
and lying little business parasites

were watching you
from afar
were watching you
beyond your star
were watching you
and we know who you are

Lyrics by RadioRay 2012
Track Name: The Angel from StarWorld
The Angel from Star World

they must have chosen you a long long time ago,you always new you where the one,and now they wait for you on board the silver craft at speeds of light out of the sun.

You got to make it to the mountain
You got to get there in a flash
they spoke in codes of Television
or was it just that candy, ha.

The cosmic porthole starts to open
and with a very pale face
behold an angel sent from star world
with a message for the human race

She tells you man must drop his weapons
and learn to care for all mankind
then to unplug your televisions
the small machines that make you blind

You got to wake them from their sleeping
you got to break them from the spell
or the business boom is going to bang you
and turn your world into a Hell

that's all i say to you,no other way for you
and you can do this if you try
i will pray for you,light the way for you
and then she smiled and said goodbye,Goodbye

copyright sutton 2010
Track Name: The Wizard ( SpellBreaker )
The Wizard

In the deep and dark of the keep of time there is a fable of a race who would sublime and win the wars of human kind and rid the earth of its cosmic crime

and if thats just the way it is then thats allright
if darkness took you by surprise see through those lies
if you are trapped inside a hell like a Wizard in a spell

Built schools and taught us all how to talk gave food and showed us all how to walk with white sticks tapping on every wall till the time was done and we would fall…..

We built farms and took away the trees built cities brought the country to its knees drove cars and fed off the juice of gaia until the time of the sacred fire

My life is not my own I got god upon this telephone
Our time on earth is done we are burning in the sun so enjoy it while you can I bring a message to the man.
The man of war the end is at your door…the man of greed these paths no longer lead to pastures green
The ending I have seen in fire where all that you desire comes to naught

and if thats just the way it is then thats allright
if darkness took you by surprise see through those lies
if you are trapped inside a hell like a Wizard in a spell

lyrics by RadioRay 2010
Track Name: The Earth Dies Screaming
The Earth Dies Screaming

As man builds poison atmospheres and and tears down natures face
with his commercial satisfaction in his suicidal race
people panic and propaganda generates, the electricity,
and all assimilates ,
This mortal coil ,this man machine, this weapon of war,
this endless dream, the nightmare becons, disintegrates,
and all are chosen with the same fates

The Earth dies screaming

where is this evil where is this from
where are we going whats going on
somebody help us im screaming out
don't let this happen everyone shout
wake up the dreamers
Bring out your dead
turn off the tv
its all in your head
a massive illusion
a mortal machine
nuclear fusion,feeding the dream
were still dreaming ,while the earth dies screaming
the Earth dies screaming

In a Television circle in a loop within a trance
in a wheel within a wheel in a medication dance
were only dreaming
while the earth dies screaming
the earth dies screaming